Monday, May 24, 2010

Sam D Makes A Depressing Movie

Assignment:  make a 3-5 minute concept film in the style of something you'd watch in a museum.  The concept?  Love.

I sat around for a few days not having any ideas, then I listened to Gymnopedies and decided to just make something that tried to capture the feel of that piece.  I'm pretty happy with the result apart from the dirt on the lens in a bunch of shots - there was one really beautiful one I had to cut just because there was too much dirt.

EDIT:  Here's a link to the other film I edited today.  It was a good day for editing; I was in the lab from like 2pm until 10pm.  So much fun.  People all around, fellow CAMS majors... We talked, we edited, we discussed next fall's classes... It was great.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sam D Makes Another Movie

The assignment:  come up with a universal sounding question, ask it of a bunch of people, then edit together the results.  This is the results.