Thursday, November 8, 2012

Casino Royale

Skyfall comes out in like 20 hours, so I'm watching the new Casino Royale to prepare.

Notes.  Out of the order that I thought of them in, but whatcha gonna do.

This movie is too long.

Great story structure.  I wonder how many acts this thing is?  Let me count them:
1.  B&W intro
2.  Madagascar chase
3.  Bahamas --> airplane
4.  Intro girl + first half of poker game (up to when he fails out once)
5.  Second half of poker game through torture scene
6.  Recovery + fuck Mathis --> da girl's a baddie
Probably I'm miss-counting.

I love this dialogue style.  It's the same one Drive uses - no unnecessary words.  Short, sweet, to the point, and entirely removable if you'd rather just watch the pretty pictures.  And you really can get the whole story from the actions / pictures rather than dialogue.

That sequence with the plane felt like it was out of Moonraker or something.  Completely implausible.  Actually when you take a step back, the whole movie is a cartoon.  It's just a cartoon from the 21st century where we like everything dark and gritty and pretending it's not as ridiculous as it is (aside from the occasional nod like the kind of martini this bond drinks).

Oh God, this movie is [totally in love with] Texas Holds Them.

This drowning house is even worse than the plane.  I love it.